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Domek Tylko Dla Ciebie - komentarze i opinie

u1iivBhs2KJp  16.08.2013 12.43
It will be interesting to see how the Austrian jugeds will confect the charge of racism and xenophobia from a lecture a person decided to give about Islam. Apparently Europeans are not allowed to give a critic on Islamic doctrine without some young irresponsible provincial journalist shouting racism. This is what it all boils down to. The measures taken against Mrs. Sabaditsch-Wolff are draconian. No European mainstream journalist will dare do investigative pieces on Islam in Europe. So much for a free press and free speech.
uO1EQc8wAGZY  24.08.2013 09.17
Carax that is the purpose of the trial, to scare <a href="http://jcmhowkjyac.com">otrehs</a> out of reporting on Islam, we are seeing this down all around the world and the reasons are to silence the critics of Islam and to appease the Moslems.
ci4lywsUCJm  24.08.2013 23.29
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PUuESEsXLli  27.08.2013 14.03
I LOVE this storyline. While<a href="http://btqrfe.com"> slateing</a> is wrong, I love that Willa is helping the scholarship girls. For college I was on a very high amount of financial aid at a pricey school. I often felt like the odd girl out since I didn't wear designer clothes or go to tropical islands for spring break like my classmates. So this sounds like a great read for me!
nQnxbIRkU  4.09.2013 02.06
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